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Former Megaupload Programming Team Joins mCig, Inc. in the Cannabis Tech Space

HENDERSON, NV–(Marketwired – Apr 20, 2017) – mCig, Inc., ( OTCQB : MCIG ) a leading distributor of innovative products, technologies and services for the global medical marijuana industry, is pleased to announce the achievement of acquiring part of the former Megaupload development team. The team is led by Chief Technologist, Andrus Nomm, recognized as the senior operative and programming lead in the popular online file sharing, streaming and ad serving websites of MEGAupload, MEGAclick and MEGAvideo. The sites served approximately 50 million users per day over 6500+ servers, monetizing over a quarter billion USD in advertising and subscription revenue.

“Our tech team’s capabilities and portfolio are what set us apart, and this move compliments our current endeavors. Coming from the tech world, I have long been seeking a venture in technology to interface it into cannabis industry. Having worked personally with this group for more than a year, I am pleased to announce our formal relation and evolving role in technology targeting the global marijuana industry. As 4/20 is a globally recognized day in the industry, I feel it also marks as a deserved date to our shareholders to share in our growth of this highly sophisticated team and the proprietary development of a 420 enterprise comprised of exciting platforms that we are currently in the process of rolling out,” says Paul Rosenberg, CEO of MCIG.

Our tech team comes with a proven track record and has developed over a dozen revolutionary social networking platforms for mCig, Inc., utilizing a software as a service (SaaS) distribution model and targeting the growing medical and recreational cannabis markets. The platforms feature a full scale ad network, spread throughout an enterprise of intuitive systems, scalable for high traffic and utilize big data conversion for monetization and analytics.

MCIG is currently working on a unified community platform and staging the delivery of the digital experience on its new cross-channel, advertising network. The roll out will demonstrate a deeply immersive experience for mobile and desktop users through context, connection and cadence. With proprietary data-driven mechanisms and content delivery, it will demonstrate and monetize itself through the responsive relations of both B2C and B2B users, providing a measured product offering. The proprietary offering, comprised of numerous layers of subscriber functions and behaviors, prompts a cross-channel platform, extremely useful for networking and learning, and profitable in its micro-transactions and advertising network. The system also incorporates trending and account matching features for advanced social networking functionality and intuitively connects users through targeted filters and interests. It also features a technically robust 420 job search system (, 420 news media platform ( and integrates a commerce networking platform, strengthening reach and exposure.

MCIG has also developed an app with advanced functions and features, with a gamified experience offering advertising campaigns, promotions and partnerships with businesses both within and outside of the cannabis industry as part of its revenue stream. This mobile application will be launched and available in the upcoming week. For up to date news and a preview of what mCig, Inc. has in development, sign up at for notifications.

The successful app market has grown from $45 billion in 2015 to $76 billion in 2017, and the marijuana market totaled $6.7 billion in 2016 and growing according to Forbes. In addition to current endeavors with large scale grow construction (, mCig, Inc.’s alignment with these growing industries can greatly benefit the company’s growth and revenues.

About mCig, Inc. Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, mCig, Inc. ( OTCQB : MCIG ) is a diversified company servicing the legal cannabis, hemp and CBD markets via its lifestyle brands. mCig, Inc. is committed to being the leading distributor of technology, products, and services to fit the needs of a rapidly expanding industry. mCig, Inc. has transitioned from a vaporizer manufacturer to industry leading large scale, full service cannabis cultivation construction company with its Grow Contractors division currently operating in the rapidly expanding Nevada market.