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mCig Launches Advanced Labeling Capabilities

–  mCig, Inc. (MCIG) a leading distributor of innovative products, customized packaging solutions, technologies, and services for the global medical cannabis industry, today announced that it subsidiary CBJ Distributing has expanded its operations by adding new labeling, printing and in-house application capabilities that will shorten the turnaround time on production, eliminate the need for customers to work with multiple vendors, and further reinforce the Companies’ commitment to being a fully integrated partner for clients.

With the new capabilities, CBJ Distributing will have all the required equipment, tooling and materials necessary to process its customers’ customized packaging needs without requiring assistance for any third-party resource. 

“The acquisition and use of advanced labeling capabilities demonstrates our commitment to achieve our vision to be a one-stop shop supplier servicing cannabis growers, distributors, and dispensaries,” said Alex Levitsky, CBJ Distributing’s Managing Partner.  Alex went on to say, “By working to offer more services, this will reflect in the value our customers get. For instance, production time averaging two to three weeks can be reduced by up to two-thirds. This means the turnaround time is shorter. The shorter the turnaround time, the more projects we can complete, while our customers enjoy the market advantage speed to market and product freshness. The Company expects these additional services to increase CBJ revenues by $2 million in the first year of utilization and implementation.”

Additionally, CBJ is announcing that it is expanding its reach with opening new distribution centers in Oklahoma and Arizona.